On-site dynamic brake testing


According to the DMR all trackless mobile mining machines, that includes LDV’s, needs to qualify a dynamic brake test once every quarter or after any brake maintenance.
This test can be done at your premises with minimal disruption to your operation.  Testing is relatively quick, and can be done on any surface type as long as safety is prioritized.  We strictly follow the SANS1589 testing procedure and supply you with the test results in record time.  We pride ourselves that we offer the most comprehensive feedback, which includes the thermal printed slips, A4 Test reports with color graph, and a completed job card indicating FAIL/PASS.  Our service is the most affordable when compared to other professional testing services close to our level.
With your test results you will also receive a calibration certificate for the decelerometer used, a competency certificate for the testing officer, and an MOT certificate indicating that the equipment is approved for the job at hand.


Contact us at sales@netbrake.co.za for your quotation.  We look forward in serving you with a professional and efficient service!


Test report template

NetBrake V1.52

The most advanced decelerometer currently available.

All vehicle classes

Can test all rubber tired vehicles up to 50tons including LDV’s, loaders, cranes etc.

Legislation compliant

All testing is done with prescribed local SANS1589 requirements and procedures.


Best prices

We guarantee the best value for money.

Immediate assistance

Our technicians are standing by to help you at a moments notice.

Comprehensive results

We supply you with all the documentation you need, and more.

100% Compliant

We strictly follow legislative procedures during testing.