FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. What approvals does the netBrake have to be used as brake testing equipment?

The netBrake decelerometer has various international approvals including DVSA, and MHSA approvals in the US and MOT approval in the UK.  The unit also complies with local SANS1589 requirements.  We also have numerous reference letters from industry leaders testifying to the accuracy and ease of use compared to their current testing equipment.  These reference letters were obtained after allowing vigorous comparison testing between the current competing units.

2. Is the netBrake tough enough to be used on a mining site?

The netBrake units are the only brake testing equipment with an IP68 toughness rating.  This Ingress Protection rating is the highest currently available for commercial electronic equipment regarding water, shock, and dust resistance.

3. What training do I require to use the netBrake decelerometer?

With delivery of your initial unit you will receive manufacturer and legislative training.  The unit itself also has an instruction tab that offers immediate assistance and helpful prompts.

4. Do I have local support regarding calibrations and repairs?

Even though the netBrake testing equipment is native to the US, the unit has global support including Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, and now even South Africa with its own walk-in national service center.

5. Is the netBrake best suited for commercial or mining vehicles?

The netBrake units come in different software version updates for the varying industries.  Our local versions include v1.51 for the transport industry, and v1.52 for the mining industry.  Other countries also use versions for the warehousing sector, and airport runway friction testing.